I’m Chen, welcome to my corner of the web.

From Montréal and based in Toronto. Currently hustling at Critical Mass as a senior designer. 



2 - SUGE

Share User-Generated Experience
Web3 + Smart contracts + Social

A Web 3 utility and experience-sharing mobile application that connects people with events and connects brands with people. My goal in this project was to define user flow, determine the critical features and iterate the product.

Suge focuses on user engagement by making events a shared experience by allowing users to share digital content taken during the event which is distributed to all attendees once the event is completed.
Events can then be created, discovered and centralized to make finding tickets to events easy and transparent. It leverages Web3 as a utility to make digital content surprise, delight and reward fans for truly engaging experiences.

My Role
︎︎︎ Product Strategy
︎︎︎ Interaction

︎︎︎ Visual Design
︎︎︎ Prototyping & Testing

Client: SUGE