I’m Chen, welcome to my corner of the web.

From Montréal and based in Toronto. Currently hustling at Critical Mass as a senior designer. 



7 - BAO BAO DimSum

A “bao” is a piece of dough (a mixture of flour and water) cooked in steam and filled with meat or vegetables, originally from China. However, a “bao bao” also means a hug, an embrace. Just like a hug, Bao Bao Dim Sum will enfold you in the warmth of an aromatic and sensorial bite. 

The client tasked me to give the restaurant a rebrand that simultaneously reflect its Asian heritage and its urban Torontonian origins, while also giving it a youtful and alluring look and feel. 

My Role
︎︎︎ Digital & System Design

︎︎︎ Brand Identity

︎︎︎ Art Direction

︎︎︎ Brand Strategy

Client: BAO BAO Dimsum - 2298 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S1P2