I’m Chen, welcome to my corner of the web.

From Montréal and based in Toronto. Currently hustling at Critical Mass as a senior designer. 



3 - Nike _ Asia/Pacific/Latin America (APLA) Promo Toolkit

For Asia, Pacific, Latin America (APLA) territories seeking to run promo creative in digital channels, we’ve created distinct templates to cover two main types of promos:

Local Commercial Moments (LCM), which include holidays and annual milestones such as Lunar New Year and Back to School.

Read & React moments, which are Nike-initiated promotions such as Just for You sales, Last Minute Deals, and Member Exclusives.

My Role
︎︎︎ Digital Design 

︎︎︎ Template & System Design

Agency: Critical Mass
Client: Nike
Creative Direction: Joel Harding
Associate Design Director: Song Yi Park